3 Digital Marketing Tips : The Fashion Industry

You cannot allow yourself to go out of fashion purely because you ignored important and vital Digital Marketing advice, and with so much competition out there today, you need to be ready to beat them back and gain the attention of your audience!

If you are in the fashion industry, then you should already be investing in digital marketing and following these simple three tips.

How can you make your digital marketing fashionably fabulous?

Consistency is Everything

The main thing that you need in your digital marketing as a fashion firm is a consistent tone and message. Without that, you will find that your business lacks the profile and personality to build traction. So, try and make sure that your tone of voice in every communication is consistent. Don’t flip-flop from formal to informal needlessly!

The same goes for your consistency in delivery. Make sure you have a repeatable schedule for posting. Engage with your audience, too; the more time you interact with them via things like competitions, online support, and general discussion together can be great for building a more passionate, engaged userbase.

We have been working with MOV for many years, where they have taken care of all our our brands here at Maxima Boutiques where we are more than happy with their professionalism and have shown blind trust to their team. They recently returned to with an International Award for the work they had done for us which we are especially proud of! A very creative and hard-working team!

– Polly Tymviou – Managing Director – Maxima Boutiques

Creating Custom Content…consistently!

Speaking of consistency, you need to be consistent with how much content you create. But you need to be varied in terms of the style of content you produce. Writing large blog posts as your sole form of interaction is not recommended. Though you should have many blog posts to help inform your audience, you also want to focus on things like style guides, video teasers for new releases, interviews with influencers and experts, ‘content-rich carousels’, and promotions that fit in with the time of the year.

Diversify how much content you produce and what type of content you produce. Keep people informed that while you will be providing content on a regular basis, it won’t always be the same kind of content. So long as the content itself is fresh, relevant to your audience, and of high standard, you can benefit.

Targeted Advertisement…and retargeting

Of course, one part of marketing that you need to focus on heavily, is targeted advertising with a strong strategy, and a capable PPC team to help drive traffic, sales and lifetime valued customers. Targeted advertising has become a major talking point, and you need to bring in a team who understand how to use this properly and to be in a position to translate data, into sales.

If you are not using remarketing to get people coming back to your website after already visiting, encouraging them to think again and make that purchase after all, you are leaving money on the table. Worse still, you are not enticing people to come back with an offer good enough to make them buy-in!

If you don’t have a team who is delivering digital marketing along these lines, then you want to stop what you’re doing, and reach out to us here at MOV Management. Avoid making that crucial mistake today – invest in digital marketing along the above lines, and your business will succeed!

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