3 more Tips to be a good creative

Want to be a better creative? Then you should try and adapt the following tricks and skills into your day-to-day professional and personal life.

Before we get deep into these 3 Tips that will improve your creativity skills, you should first read my other Post “4 Tips to be a good creative”, explaining essential Tips of being Creative.

1. Infuse your passion with creativity

Passion is your best friend; and best friends stick with you in tough times! 

Passion need to be your drive, because you will get knocked down, and what you have in your mind is not always necessarily the final answer. You need to be so passionate about your craft that you will continue to seek answers, to continue to work your research until you find that medium. 

The moment you let your passion for a creative endeavour slip because of criticism is the moment where you lose your grip on your creative spark Try and remember that your passion should play a primary role in everything you do. Even when things are hard, you should retain that passion and desire!

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2. Inform yourself & empower your work with empathy

You need to know your audience!

You need to feel your audience, and ‘jump’ into somebody else’s shoes to know what they are feeling, and how they envision your task, from their perspective. So, take some time to learn about the audience, their challenges and their ambitions. 

This helps you to better connect the art and the imagery of any creative endeavour with the actual emotional thought process behind hiring you in the first place.

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3. Learn to take criticism on the chin​

Take a chill-pill and do not get defensive! 

Unfortunately, creativity can be subjective. Instead of seeing critique as a personal attack on you and your abilities, you need to remove this emotional thinking. Instead, you should try and be proactive about seeking feedback; ask your teammates, and make sure you ask the right questions so you can find the right answers. 

Be appreciative when you receive criticism, and even more appreciative when it is constructive criticism. You learn very little when you succeed; only that you are good at what you do. When you fail, though? You can learn more about yourself in one failure than you can in ten successful projects. So, keep that in mind, and it should help you to become a more effective, creative individual who can represent yourself and your clientele better.

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