3 Photography trends to look out for in 2021

The world is changing and visual communication is changing with it.

How do audiences connect to brands and what should you do as a content creator to stay on top of the game? 

Life as we know it has turned upside down in 2020, bringing big changes in our  lifestyles and outlooks on life. This was the year we stayed indoors, worked in our pajamas and discovered that our houses have gardens. Whether you are a brand or a content creator, you might be wondering how you can stay relevant and on top of the competition. 

Here are 3 trends in photography that are expected to take over social media in 2021, together with tips on how to use them.

Trend #1: Authenticity

Photos showing more raw emotions and less artificial editing will reach more people.

Covid-19 and global lockdowns made us embrace the fact that real life can be far from perfect. A relatable experience now resonates with us more than a heavily edited picture showing perfection. For 2021, imperfect will be the new perfect. 

Gucci’s Fall/Winter Campaign, “The Ritual”.

Valentino Resort 2021 collection photographed by Pierpaolo Piccioli


  • Choose your model based on who buys your products. Think inclusivity!  
  • Go for raw expressions. Are you shooting for a yoga studio? Your model might be sweaty and empowered.
  • Focus on capturing what looks like a real life moment instead of a meticulously planned photoshoot.

Trend #2: Vivid & Dramatic

Vibrant colors are a great way to grab attention and HDR will keep being a trend in 2021. Look for dramatic cityscapes, graffiti and other elements that stand out. Think bright colors and complex patterns!


  • Shoot RAW for more flexibility and dynamic range.
  • Most phones and cameras have an HDR mode, but you can also shoot your photo in 3 different shutter speeds and merge them during editing. 
  • Consider using a tripod for low light situations, such as shooting a sunset. Keep your ISO as low as possible to avoid noise!

Trend #3: Natural Light 

More photographers are moving away from the perfect studio setup, and experimenting with the natural light of their homes. Working with natural light might be more challenging but if you’re going for authenticity and elegance, it’s worth the try! Checklist? Window, phone, white cloth. 


  • Choose a sunny day and set up your products or model near a window. Watch the shadows bring your photograph to life!
  • Avoid harsh shadows cast by direct sunlight by using a diffuser or a piece of white cloth. Your photograph will have balanced and soft shadows.
  • Set a high aperture to keep your entire scene in focus. Aim for f/8 or higher. 
  • Shooting on mobile? Don’t use flash or zoom as this will decrease the photo quality. 
  • Tripod is the way to go for these types of shoots!
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