5 Genius Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns: Part 2

Marketing savvies that have defied outdated media and came up with campaigns that made history!

Relying on personal interaction, the word of mouth, and viral social media messaging, this is how some of the biggest brands on the planet came up with these ideas to surprise their audiences and create unique experiences for them. 

Have a look at 5 more campaigns that were brilliant in both the conception and execution!

01. The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project, a 1999 supernatural horror film, was advertised in a rather creative and innovative way considering when it was produced. Featuring faux police reports and fake missing persons notices on their website, the marketing masterminds behind this campaign got the public wondering whether the film was a real-life documentary or fictional. The 40-second teaser trailer screened at 40 collages around the U.S., as well as another trailer shown before the Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom of Menace, sparked the curiosity of the public even more, earning $1.5 million from 27 theatres during the premier weekend, with a per screen average of $56,002.

02. IHOP rebrand

The well-known brand of the international house of pancakes, aka IHOP, spread the chaos by announcing their rebranding to IHOb (international house of burgers) to get the people talking about their new burgers. Even though these moments of horror didn’t last long, they were enough to draw emphasis on their new burgers and compete against other big brands for Gen Z’s pocket money!

03. Mysterious Giant Footprints in L.A.

The team promoting the new movie Kong: Skull Island, came up with an experiential marketing technique to spark curiosity and enthusiasm. Massive King Kong footprints have mysteriously emerged at Dockweiler beach in L.A., using sculpted sand. These footprints are approximately 25 feet long and 12 feet wide and were set to promote the movie ahead of its release. The sightings of these giant footprints became viral, and on Waze (a navigation software) featured an icon ‘Kong Was Here’.

04. GoldToe Bull Underwear

The infamous Charging Bull, also known as the Bull of Wall Street, is a tourist location that draws thousands of people daily. So, in the middle of New York Fashion Week, GoldToe, an underwear company, decided to do something very bullish, and dressed the bull with a pair of their underwear. The underwear had been described by witnesses as ‘”XXXXL, white briefs with a clean cut that accentuate the Bull’s unique physique.”. It’s needless to say that this campaign worked, not only because it people had a one-of-a-kind experience, but also because it broke through the saturated, high-end fashion, media coverage that took place in NYFW. 

05. Bounty Paper Towels for Massive Messes

To create awareness towards their brand, Bounty placed massive, daily life messes, along with a sign of their paper napkins. The giant-sized messes, such as spilled coffee and popsicles on the floor, were seen all around NYC, and then took over social media, achieving their primary target in raising brand awareness.

There is no doubt that guerrilla marketing is fascinating, especially when it is carefully prepared by strategic masterminds and talented individuals, so anytime we have the chance, we applaud and get inspired by them!

And the recipe for a successful guerrilla campaign? Just a little budget and a great deal of creativity!

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