We have been dubbed 'the black sheep' of the advertising world - and we kind of don't mind that title! Trailblazers in our own right, we give our heart and our soul to our work and don't settle for second best.

Outsourcing stand-out, out of the box, marketing, advertising and management solutions. We like to think of our team as a well-grounded group of young, positive and extremely talented individuals with fresh perspectives on branding and advertising. We’ve put together a solid team and housed them all under one roof with technical and creative tools at the ready! MOV Management was founded to provide creative minds a home; a place where they can exercise their creativity and continue to chase their passion and dreams, and although we are very proud of our International Awards, as well as our local awards, we understand that those shiny things we call bling don’t make the cult of MOV; the team members of the company, make MOV!  

We are especially proud that we are the first Company in the MENA region to have been granted with both ISO & EMAS certifications under “Marketing & Advertising” where an intense procedure has given us the seal of approval that MOV Management Ltd. is run at an International level, abiding by the high standards expected of the International Organization for Standardization. As an eco-conscious Company, we are especially proud of obtaining our Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), as a premium management instrument developed by the European Commission, which certifies environmental performance, credibility and transparency throughout.  

iso 9001 certified
iso 14001 certified
emas certification
iqnet certification

Who we are

A company which recognizes the importance of allowing a fresh mind to be free-spirited, to be comfortable, and to have ease of flexibility; after all, you cannot force creativity. We cover a spectrum of services under one roof – that’s what makes us a little different!
The harmonious cohesiveness of MOV’s creative minds make us tick like a well engineered Swiss watch, from conceptualization to execution. The passion which gets us up in the mornings is why we have separated from the rest, and why we continue to grow stronger day after day! 

Our philosophy

We pride ourselves on diversity, on inclusion, and on core values of ethics which make our teams stronger because of the cultivation of embracing the unknown and who get a thrill from trying something new, taking a chance, and for people who give a damn!  With the ongoing downsizing of companies in the region, we focus on contracting campaigns with a clear vision, creative solutions – high value, high standards, low costs. We focus on sending visual messages, targeted and intelligent with consistency being our magic ingredient. 

How we work​

We listen, and we listen very hard! We are devoted to providing Clients with exceptional, creative work across the board where we are romantics in love with seeing, living, and breathing life to our projects, to deliver above that promised. Our holistic approach to your brand’s development and up-to-date angle to the marketing world, allows us to think out of the box, but to more importantly harness and take aboard all the data provided to us by our in-house analysis and PPC managers, to give a complete picture to your chosen market and demographic.   

We want to be the extension to your team!

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