Boosting Posts? Don’t… and here are 3 reasons why

Boosting Posts to “advertise” your Business, will help you reach new and bigger audiences so that you can get more customers. Right??  Well… we ’ll let you decide!

So, you are posting content on Facebook and Instagram waiting for the organic reach to do its magic, and then you realize that the results are not what you wanted.

What do you do? You’re considering boosting your posts on Facebook to reach more people and get the results you want. Afterall, that’s what most businesses do.

1. Available Targeting Options

Let’s be honest. Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts can both help you reach audiences, but in different ways.

Boosted Posts let you choose behaviours and interests, demographics and geographic targeting like Facebook Ads does, but where are the rest of the options?

Let’s be clear about this…

Facebook advertising should have a strong strategy, competitive tactics and specific creatives / text developed for it. You should have your Pixel installed, building custom audiences based on your Facebook and Instagram Page, your traffic of your website, engagement, your current or potential customers etc. Apart from custom audiences, you should also be creating Lookalike Audiences. Period.

When it comes to Facebook Advertising, the real results come from the above options and unfortunately that good looking ‘Boost’ button, does not allow you to be precise.

2. Ad Objectives and Budget Control

When creating an Ad, you have an objective. What’s the outcome you want from your ads? Is it Awareness, Reach, Engagement, Leads Generation, Sales or is it something else?

Whatever it is, ‘Boosting’ only gives you a handful of amateur options and it is almost impossible to match your campaigns with your audience’s specific needs.

Oh and by the way…

You need to identify your audience, understand their needs and try to solve their problem with your Product or Service. Most Businesses have the notion that the more people see an Ad, the better the outcome. In reality, you just spent budget needlessly to people who might not be interested in your Products or Services. You wouldn’t be too happy if a salesman knocked on your door 5 times a day, right? So why accept your digital ‘salesman’ knock on mine?

On the other hand, Facebook Ads can help you achieve control over your budget; spending every penny to your ideal audience, targeted to the correct people, who are interested in your service and product!

3. Creative Control

‘Boosted’ posts limit your creative and formatting options. The Creative Delivery of a Boosted Post is dependent on the Posts’ creatives and descriptions.

Do you really think that a Person who does not know your Business, will get convinced with a message that is more suitable for your existed audience? Doubtful! The creatives and descriptions of an Ad should be aligned with your targeted audience.

Maintain Creative Control with Facebook Ads…

With Facebook Ads created through Ads Manager, you can design Ads that fits your goals. You can create specific Ads that can deliver the right type of message to the right audience.

Also, adding a call-to-action button will drive more of your audience to take action, with solid return. You can also run A/B split tests for testing images, descriptions, languages, so that you can have a better understanding of your audience. Guess what? ‘Boosted Posts’ will not help you out with that!

Hopefully, I was able to convince you that ‘Boosted Posts’ are just a fraction of what you can do with Facebook Ads, and there are still so many that I did not mention!

You may choose to keep pushing that good looking ‘Boost’ button, or you may decide to create optimized Facebook Ads targeted at the right audience; whatever option you choose, in terms of positive ROI, Boosted Posts cannot beat Facebook Ads.

What to find out how to streamline your Digital Advertising campaigns?

Reach out – we’re here to listen, and love to meet new people!

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