Disney’s Magical Marketing

Magical marketing, powerful productions, and glorious leisure parks; Disney sure knows how to make all your dreams come true!

With almost a century in the industry, their marketing tactics over the years have proventhat they not only know what they are doing,but have mastered the art of branding andmarketing. From animations to live-action film productions to theme parks, theyknowtheir product, and how to promoteitto get you hooked into a loop that makes you want tokeep coming back for more, and more!


1. Strong Brand Identity

Strong Brand Identity

You know how it goes… when they tell you Disney is “The Happiest Place on Earth”, theykeep theirpromise and make sure that what you encounter is the most magical place onearth to give you an unforgettable experience. With their brand audience being children,family, and friends, they provide fantastical stories, and offer top-notch familyentertainment, which is forward-thinking, to keep them all thrilled and captivated, bringingthe company the most profit!


2. From Kids to Adults

From Kids to Adults

As Walt Disney said, “Adults are only kids grown up anyway”. And whether it’s an adult or akid visitingDisneyland or watching a film, they are the best at making sure that they havean equally memorable experience. The kids cannot contain their excitement, and the adultsfeel like kids again and escape their daily routine and enter the magical world of Disney fora little while.


3. Immersed into a 360 Loop

Immersed into a 360 Loop

It’s an infinite loop of getting immersed into a world of wonderfulness. You watch one of Disney’s amazing films, relate, and become part of it so much that you want to experience it. Thus, kids go to Disneyland for the real-life experience, the parents for nostalgia, and on their way out they buy a souvenir or a toy to remember this feeling they had (amazing right?)


4. Details that matter

Details that matter

Walt Disney has been known to be o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with details, to say the least. So, anything placed either in the movies or at the amusement parks has been carefully thought of. From easter eggs and hidden details at the theme parks to connections between the films, if you are a fan of Disney, they can really make you feel exclusive and like you are part of their community.


4. Surprise, surprise!

Surprise, surprise!

It’s the unexpected little things that make you from a visitor to a die-hard fan! Imaginestrolling around the park, gettingtapped on the shoulder by a random employee that tellsyou that you won something, when you didn’t even sign up for any competition! It might besomething very small, such as skipping the line at a certain adventure, or as big as payingfor all the expenses for a Disney trip elsewhere! They just want you to be so excited thatyou are there and reach peak happiness!

The genius and strategy-driven magical marketing of The Walt Disney Company made millions of people around the world fascinated with this enchanting world!

Do you also love Disney? Did you know of these marketing techniques they are using?

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