Do you need digital marketing to succeed in 2021?

If you are the owner of a business, small or big, the start of a new year likely felt a little bitter sweet!

As the world continues to reel from the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners are being more creative than ever to stay afloat and survive. However, if you are missing one thing in the New Year, it might be the ability to use digital marketing to your advantage.

With the world now more online than ever before, do you need digital marketing to make a success of your business moving forward into 2021?

The short answer is yes, absolutely. But why?

1. Digital marketing expands your potential audience

Social Communication Audience

Among the many reasons to invest in digital marketing, being able to expand into a larger potential audience is one of the main reasons. This allows for you to reach people who are interested in your products or services, who might not be able to visit your business normally. This could allow you to open up avenues of success that simply would not have been possible if your business was not so visible digitally.

2. You can interact with customers better

Since we are all online, you lose that valuable face-to-face connection you can have with a customer. By using digital marketing, you can quickly and easily come up with a winning solution. This allows for you to better interact with customers, giving them a more human response than other online-focused companies might be capable of. The end result? A customer interaction that feels authentic, enjoyable, and capable of achieving the aims you set-out.

3. Make your marketing budget stretch further

With offline advertising, you are often paying a high cost for an inconsistent return on investment. Running a billboard ad or a flyer campaign might produce results in the first week, then nothing the next. With digital marketing however you can often get a more consistent level of return on investment. Why?

Because, put simply, you are targeting people who you know are looking for what you provide, making it easier than ever to sell to them and get results back.

4. Improve customer loyalty

Instead of just vanishing until the next time you can get customers through the door, digital marketing allows you to stay in touch. It is a continuous process that unlike traditional media, it needs dedication. It is an on-going procedure for earning customer’s trust and create strong meaningful relationships. You can then keep interacting with those customers, improving your chance of retaining their loyalty and interest in the services and/or products that you have provided them with so far.

It is for that reason that so many look to use digital marketing; to stay in touch with customers in a positive way.

5. Better analysis and understanding

With most offline advertising methods, it is hard to gauge the success of any advertisement. With online marketing and digital advertising, though? 

You have so many metrics you can use to evaluate, analyse and optimise your campaigns to ensure the highest ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) possible. With the help of Analysis you can also re-evaluate your initial Personas, understand your audience behaviour, optimise not only your campaigns, but also your website, Landing Page, even your whole Strategy; go with the flow of your audience’ needs.

For anyone looking to build a more consistent approach to business, this could be an essential part in the decision making process. So, if you want to see more of a return on investment with your business, consider investing in digital marketing.

Want to find out more how you can turn your business around? 

Why Digital Marketing in a nutshell

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