Excellent Covid-19 Poster Designs

Post design used as a vital communication tool, with eye-grabbing designs, put to effective use during the Covid-19 crisis!

Weathering a ‘new normal’ may be on the horizon, but we need to take a time-out to applaud some very clever design-work through the past few months of 2020, with each a different perspective, and underlying message! 

Getty Museum

With the Getty closed to the public and most staff, they had ‘challenged’ people to recreate great artworks at home, using everyday objects and of course, heaps of imagination! A great example of how they leveraged the 70% increase of users and engagement on social media platforms, through an interactive and fun way, by recreating famous pieces of art present at their museum. 

Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine​

An unexpected, but brilliant public service announcement by the Ministry of Cultures and Information Policy of Ukraine, taking a twist by trending their hashtag  towards #ArtOfQuarantine, no pun intended.. no, actually it was very much intended! The ‘Looma‘ agency were the masterminds behind the campaign, where their primary goal was to select classic art pieces, to use them as teaching tools, per say, on how to stop the spread of Covid-19 and to stay safe!  


As per usual, Nike knocked this one out of the park with their minimal aesthetic, but powerful message to be a champion for the world. It has never been easier to reach out to so many people due to digital, and seeing as everybody is now home where Nike encourages people to stay home with this gem! 

nike be a champion for the world
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