Heineken: A case study of 2020

Could Heineken take the crown for the best all-round 2020 campaign?

If they don’t, they most definitely deserve more credit for their fast thinking, execution, implementation and for their socially responsible initiatives! 

Heineken’s response to the changes the world faced through 2020 were not only funny and memorable, but exercised social responsibility by supporting local businesses burdened financially, through their donations.

The second part of their trilogy saw a practical, and although humorous, extremely realistic twist to how social distancing may have changed our lives, but still knew its importance.. and why not crack open a cold one!

Lastly, our local bars are now open where they delivered the cherry on a cake on what new life is now like when going out for a drink! This would also show the reality of the matter at hand, and raise further awareness on how to keep your distance.

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