MOV Stories: Demetris

We’re celebrating Demetris’ one-year anniversary and we couldn’t be prouder!

Allow us to re-introduce our super-talented certified Digital Advertising Manager, who headlines all matters media purchasing and PPC; Mr. Demetris Charalambous!

So, what has our superhero Digital Advertising Manager been up to this year, you may ask? Not only has he been drinking tons of coffee since joining our MOV familia, but he is also the one in charge of all campaigns and paid advertising for our honorable Clients across the world. From Google Ads and Facebook Ads, to specializing in Google and Facebook Tag Management, to campaign optimization as well as being a landing page guru. An artist with a brushstroke of genius.  

His abilities do not stop there! Data-driven as he is, his quirky love affair with Google Analytics sees him flirt with competitive analysis on a daily basis to unlock the best-performing solutions for our honorable clients. Our custom crafted Reports via Google Data Studio, allow Demetris to visualize and monitor the campaigns, giving him his data adrenaline rush! If you asked him, that’s what he would say he loves the most from working at MOV – that, and ordering food delivery at lunchtime every day! You could say he has become a food connoisseur of all local restaurants with some believing that in his next life, he will be a world-class food blogger! 

As a person who loves watching ads, he believes that brands have evolved dramatically in terms of digital marketing; in terms of how companies present their brands, their beliefs, pipelines as well as lead generation, but knows that there is still much room for improving communication. Coming from a strict corporate environment, Demetris has been fascinated with MOV and how the Company showcases both products and brands for our honorable Clients; fast-paced, high-quality, strong execution.

Some advice from Demetris, being the brilliant PPC Manager that he is:

“Companies should consider the budget of advertising as an investment rather than an expense. Just a couple of dollars will not give you results overnight; do not be fooled by digital cowboys, or wannabe gurus! You need a strong financial dedication, to reap the benefits that the digital world brings to you and to your Company. High quality content is very important, but Companies need to be humble enough to allow their end user/customer to give them the answers and results they expect. This comes with testing and optimizing until you find that sweet spot!” 

Want to find out more about careers here at MOV Management? Keep an eye out on our careers page, by clicking here!

Until then, stay connected across all of our funky social media platforms!

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