MOV Stories: Stefanos

It’s 5 whole years for this superstar – and we are celebrating with oh-so much pride!

Drumrolls please… for the Jedi Knight Assistant Manager! The star who brings peace to the MOV galaxy and the whole advertising universe; the one and only Mr. Stefanos Gerolemou!

With his bachelor’s degree in Computing and Digital Media in his pocket, it only feels like yesterday when he decided to join the infamous ‘School of MOV’ internship program. Little did he know, that when he joined MOV as a fresh graduate, he would climb up to eventually become Assistant Manager of the Company in a few years! 

As the Assistant Manager, he has knowledge on all things social media and marketing, allowing him to not only oversee and coordinate, but to also support the team wherever required. He has been (and still is) the project manager of a plethora of projects at the Company, communicating with Clients on a daily basis and making sure everything is ticking perfectly like a Swiss watch.

He is the best at dealing with unexpected last-minute plans; in fact, he is prepared for them! He even sets time aside so that if this happens, he can face everything with calmness and relaxation. He strongly believes that a Client should have the right agency by their side, to keep them organized, and take some heavy weight off their shoulders, as they have a lot to deal with in their business and might struggle to oversee everything.

Even though his experience has immensely grown through the years, the Canadian rhapsodists’ quote ‘started from the bottom now we’re here’ fits perfectly with Stefanos’ progress at MOV. Having begun as a fresh university graduate, he decided to join the ‘School of MOV’ program to further enrich the skills he gained when completing his degree and put his talents into play, since he always believed that MOV is not your typical advertising company; it is freshness and out-of-the-box way of thinking!

‘When studying you learn the theory, basic skills and you get an overview of what the actual job is like. But when I got here, I saw what it’s like to handle a project, got into a more business and marketing mindset, and loved what I do even more!’

Of course, his morals, sharpness and savviness on the matter did not pass unnoticed; soon after School of MOV ended, he was offered to stay on at MOV and continue to develop himself and his skillset.

What does a day in the life of Stefanos look like you may ask?

Stefanos always comes to work a bit earlier, and while he waits for his laptop to turn on, he might order something for breakfast. Whilst nibling his morning snack, he looks at Clients’ stats, how they perform and if everything is okay, and then he turns to his diary and starts executing his daily tasks; communicating and getting confirmations from Clients, looking at events that took place, how they performed, and of course helping his co-workers whenever they need his assistance. Well, all these take place up until 12 o’ clock – that’s when he starts getting ‘dizzy’ and wants his lunch. After he has had his meal, he goes on with his tasks, and before he calls it a day, he organizes everything and delegates tasks for the next day, so that everyone is ready!

He is a firm believer that creativity sparks from relaxation and getting time to rest your mind. Maybe that’s why one of his favorite memories at MOV is when all of Team MOV would gather up during work to watch movies and series (within the field of marketing ofc!), allowing the whole team to get into a creative dimension and then get back to work with even more imagination! It’s only when he is in the right mindset that he performs best and is more productive – and when he devours the office’s snacks!

A fun fact is that even though in the MOV ecosphere he is known as Stefanos, he used to be a DJ, aka DJ G.Stef! An urban hip-hop head by heart, he has performed in the best venues across the Country, and has represented the infamous Lick R&B franchise! 

But all in all, the reason why he loves what he does so much and got so far, it is because he never considered this as ‘job’, he enjoys it all to the fullest, is eager to continuously learn new things and to evolve as a person, and most of all, because he deeply cares for the Company and his co-workers.

I love working on new projects, and I think the most important element of having a new project is to take some time to study their business, how they work, get into the mindset of the client to understand better what they need, so that you can then be able to come up with the best strategy

We couldn’t be prouder of Stef’s trajectory, his attitude towards work and the whole team here at MOV, where he always has a cool head!

A real-life… superhero!

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