MOV’s Choices: Top 10 Christmas Ads 2021

Christmas time at MOV means all of us gathering up, grabbing a chair, getting comfy and turning the TV on at the conference room, doing the thing we love… watching Christmas Ads!

With Christmas just around the corner, the biggest brands on the planet are celebrating by producing the most festive ads to celebrate this holiday spirit, so as Team MOV fairly named as the black sheep of the advertising world, we watched *almost all* of them, and following a very serious judging and voting procedure, we picked our favorites!

Want to have a look at some of our Top choices? Keep reading! Let us know in the comments which you agree with!

01.  Chase Credit Cards

Christmas means Kate McCallister’s voice echoing in our ears shouting ‘Keviiiin’ – but then Kevin Hart shows up and promotes the Chase Freedom Unlimited holiday campaign. This ad hit just the right spot by making us laugh with their nostalgic yet funny twist. Home Alone is a classic during holiday season, so when brands use it, we love it! Just like when Google Assistant helped Kevin recreate the infamous Home Alone Scene in 2018!

Creative Agency: Droga5

02.  Domino’s Pizza

This year Dominos promoted their new festive pizza in a… rather unusual way, but boy-oh-boy did it make us laugh! Domino’s Pizza can really make you sing with all its flavors and spices – especially if it does not have mushrooms in it!

Creative Agency: VCCP

03.  Sainsbury’s

At MOV, when we see talent and originality in ads, we applaud it! The production of this holiday advertisement left us all stunned, as it creatively displays the true meaning of holidays – gathering up with friends and family to celebrate. And allow me to add; the timing is impeccable, where we only hope each and every one of you have that luxury of spending it with family!

Creative Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

04.  Sports Direct

Get up from your couch and exercise – this is basically the gist of Sports Direct ad in a sentence. Featuring some familiar faces such as the footballer Jack Grealish, the US Open winner Emma Raducanu, the grime artist Big Narstie, as well as a ‘friendly’ fight between Jordan Pickford, the golfer Andrew Johnston, and a sneak peak of Jessica Ennis-Hill, it makes you want to start playing sports too! A star-studded affair, to say the least, and smack bam on demographic!

Creative Agency: The Rest

05. The Good Fire

When you use YouTube to get the feeling of a fireplace at home, and some people do not even have a home, that’s when you realize that we are facing a problem. The Good Fire has had one of the best ideas ever, both as an advertisement and as a campaign. Deciding to take advantage of the rapid increase in viewership of virtual fireplaces on YouTube, they decided upload their own 10-hour video, with all their profits going towards Shelter to help those forced into homelessness during the pandemic. As soon as we watched this ad, we all agreed that these guys deserve a standing ovation for their thoughtfulness and generosity.

Creative Agency: Above+Beyond

06. Lidl GB

This Lidl Ad almost looked like a Black Mirror episode, with their futuristic ways of conducting a festive family meal! Imagine cutting your turkey with not a knife but a laser, or just with your mind!

Creative Agency: Karmarama

07.  Vodafone Hungary

This is a heartwarming advertisement that touched all of us, as it showcases how the lives of the elderly can many times become very lonely. A positive note is added when the elderly man’s neighbors call to come over, and the silence of an empty home is broken by the ringing phone. During this holiday season, Vodafone Hungary join forces with the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta and donate free internet and smart devices to old people’s homes all around the country, so that the elderly can connect with their friends and family members living far away.

Creative Agency: VMLY&R Hungary and Bold Budapest

08.   Apple Inc.

Amazingly shot, this year Apple’s holiday advertisement was obviously *shot on iPhone* and directed by the Oscar® Nominee Jason Reitman, and his father, also an Oscar® Nominee, Ivan Reitman. This ad demonstrates a young girl trying to save her snowman best friend, Simon whilst cheekily showing the power of the iPhone in all its glory.

Creative Agency: TBWA/Media Arts Lab

09.  Tesco

After a global pandemic, this advertisement felt very relatable to us, demonstrating Santa’s daily-life experiences: scanning his Covid pass, entering with a green pass, and the possibility even him being quarantined – all these very realistic and possible in 2021! Even though the creators put a lot of effort to be relatable, this ad raised huge controversy, making it one of the most complained-about adverts of the year. When Father Christmas displayed his Covid pass to the border controlled indicating that he is vaccinated, this sparked criticism from the anti-vaccination supporters, stating that it promotes medical discrimination.

Creative Agency: BBH

10.  O2

One of the cutest ads we have seen! But other than being such an adorable ad, we also admired as it is raising awareness on the issue of data poverty. We have entered the digital era, where almost every single service you can think of, has migrated online. Restaurant delivery, grocery shopping, retail therapy, you name it, it’s online! Even though this is completely normal for most of us, 1.5 million homes in the UK have no connection to the internet, so with every plan purchased O2 will be donating 10GB to the National Data Bank to help combat this issue of data poverty.

Creative Agency: VCCP London

These ads made our Top 10 favorite Holiday Ads for 2021, judged by the team here at MOV… but we want to hear from you also! Did we miss any of notable mention? Let us know in the comment section below!  

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