Alion Vegetables & Fruits Co Ltd

They are not just a fruit & veg company; they are the BIGGEST exporter of fruit & veg in the region, and boy-oh-boy what a super team they are!

When Alion knocked on MOV's door, we brought our A-game and put our creative brains together and came up with a foolproof strategy to continue to break the boundaries, records and cement them as the best of the best!

From a small family business to pioneering trailblazers, they now export to over 25 countries, including UK, Germany, France, and Italy, having won multiple awards, multiple honorary presidential recognition – these guys are the crem-de-la-crem! A perfect match for us here at MOV Management to usher them to their next high-achieving pedestal!  

As the dominant suppliers of Ready to Eat Salads for the retail sectors and HORECA, our primary target is to expand Alion’s reach within the country, and to continue to focus on their exporting markets to strengthen both B2C as well as B2B pillars. With a big puzzle to put together, we pooled our expertise and brought fresh ideas to the table; data analysts, marketing strategists and of course our uber talented creative team at the ready!

We managed to pinpoint weaknesses in their communication, both online and offline where we had ‘taken one step back’ to take two confident steps forward. From mini documentaries to billboard and package designs, all the way through to digital graphics; we have stretched out to make sure our Client is successful across the board, and across continental Europe! Through successful promotion of their diverse range of fresh products we keep making a difference and exceeding our initial expectations, to help push the Company to the next level, to be a force for years to come. 



Alion Vegetables & Fruits Co Ltd


Food & Beverage

With the Global Pandemic accelerating the need for smoother digital communication and delivery, it was of the utmost importance for us to build and nurture all matters online, and to turn their existing platforms to a customer orientated and user friendly experience. Now having reset their foundations, our data analysts and digital advertising managers are working meticulously to deliver the best results, continuously examining, optimizing, again, again, and once again, leaving no stone unturned! We are data-driven creatives, and our results have shown that we have bridged those pillars successfully as we continue to strengthen their strategy. 

Our Client has also been very strong on nurturing their Corporate Social Responsibility, and with MOV also being very active through numerous campaigns, this was a marriage destined to happen for the better! With MOV being the only company in the MENA region with both EMAS and ISO certifications, the ecological side of our CSR is a pillar which we have strengthened through reforestation campaigns, urban gardens and grassroot education to better our community for the imminent future. Further campaigns such as Breast Cancer Awareness month, our MOVember campaign to raise awareness for Men’s Health, as well as ongoing domestic support through assisting food banks with their mission to help feed families in need. 

This partnership is most definitely a project you would want to keep an eye on, as we are immensely proud and excited to be in a position to announce future plans and expansions to the world!