We are so proud to have partnered and supported the Biggest tech Company in the Country, and one of the Global leaders in all-things tech.. the one and only, Amdocs!

Team MOV had the honor to assist this amazing mammoth of a Company, focusing primarily on their talent acquisition to dig out and find the best and brightest minds to join their workforce, giving focus on the EMEA region to support Amdocs’ rapid expansions.

It was critical for us to showcase what and who Amdocs is, to further educated the market on the velocity and size of this tech giant, to unlock and find a solution around their talent acquisition and ever growing world issue of depleted human resources.

Even though it was a tricky situation, our action plan began with filling the gaps of ‘awareness’, following through with a data-driven and laser-targeted nurturing of potential talent. It was important for us to give a face, a voice and character during this early ‘awareness phase’ for Amdocs in the EMEA region, as it was not a household name and it was critical for people’s understanding to be sound, to be positive, and to be happy. With our target market being predominantly millennials and gen-z’s, we knew that the qualities they desire from employers go beyond generations of late; from continual learning, career progression, and training and development opportunities, it was fundamental for us to convey these positive messages, making sure to not over-tilt Amdoc’s existing identity and attract as many brilliant minds as possible.

To demonstrate this positive and forward-looking picture of the Company, we created a plethora of creative content, showcasing their members, their assistance in CSR activations, promoting their existing audio content into channels which was not given attention in the past, and overall develop trust for the Company. Some creatives Team MOV crafted can be seen below.

Additional information was trickled through their platforms, to slowly, but surely, allow the pot of personas understand the benefits of Amdocs and ‘Why Amdocs’ is the best next destination on the journey of their career. This way, were not working our way down the ‘selection funnel’, and trimming off the fat of our assumed personas to reach a point of data understanding to who we need to be relaying applications to: 

Niche and specialized jobs, called for bigger forces to allow us to track those few, scarce candidates. Our proposal came us an ad-hoc campaign, so that we could further develop and nurture the talent acquisition, by laser-targeting talents with the skills and knowledge required for the specific Amdocs position & location, using a big bulk series of geo-specific videos and scripts. Our double-funnel strategy was followed by PPC advertisements and allowed for strong remarketing, targeting specific job descriptions. 

Statistically we surpassed our KPI target by 270% where we also followed through to see the final succession rate, surpassing our initial targets once again!

Conceptually, our chosen actress was rolled as a ‘secret agent’ ready to deliver her mission to our prospective Amdocs Candidate, but was extremely specific to the script vs the location and positioning of where the ad would appear.

Although it was a complex puzzle to solve, and with many ups and downs, we found an extremely effective way to trim off the fat and find our ideal target market to use today, and to have in ready for tomorrow too. 
Overwhelmed by the loops hole and red tape we had to overcome, however a classic example of how persistence prevails, and numbers speak much louder!
An amazing experience by all, where we look forward to the bright tech-filled future!