European Commission

At MOV we like to take things to another level! 

We were honoured with having been awarded European Digital Champions 2015-16 by the European Commission, for our educational application, utilizing augmented reality as the primary trigger point to this teacher’s tool!

In order to better understand the concept we will take you back to the tender teenage years of our CEO, who quite frankly was not the best in biology! But being the creative mind he is, he found that sketching out the notes, visualizing the syllabus made it much more efficient and had a bit of fun in the meantime! The ‘Bubblegum Biology’ concept was born, where the trigger was a specially design t-shirt to be worn by the educator, allowing students to scan their teacher’s shirt revealing the human anatomy using detail 3D models! But it did not stop there; a series of quizzes was added to sprinkle philosophy of ‘gamification’ on this educational tools, where students were able to ‘compete’ with their fellow classmates when they went home after school! A real-time leader board working in the background would give students the extra fulfilment to crown themselves on the top spot!

Augmented reality may now be more of a household term, but in 2014 when development begun, this was very much ahead of its’ time; maybe too ahead of its’ time! 



European Commission