Jamie’s Italian

When we talk food, we like to talk about great food!

 Brainchild of world renowned chef Jamie Oliver, Jamie’s Italian saw success through its hunger for fresh ingredients, made with passion, seasoned with love!

The core belief and aim of Jamie’s Italian is to provide delicious and a beautiful rustic Italian cuisine to countries across Europe, using the most carefully sourced and seasonal ingredients to produce the most exquisite dishes available!

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MOV Management had the task to communicate Jamie’s philosophy, as well as showcasing their gorgeous Tuscan-themed restaurant, with every architectural detail and corner taken into warm consideration. A series of bumper-ads were also pivotal to bring further attention to the public domain on their daily, freshly made pasta, using locally sources ingredients! 

Team MOV were also honoured with the responsibility to welcome legendary Chef Gennaro Contaldo, where we had captured all the special moments on his visit and the invitation-only event hosted in the Capital city.

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Jamie’s Italian




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