Finger lickin’ good.. and boy-oh-boy, it was a match made in fried-chicken-heaven!

Without much of an introduction needed, KFC is a Global phenomenon, with a long history of success spread across 140 countries and every in continent worldwide, with the same mouth-watering secret herb and spice recipe we all love! 

MOV Management had the honour of ushering in their brand new ‘Original Recipe Wings’ where the team had proposed a guerrilla campaign in partnership with the region’s biggest entertainment franchise, Lick R&B. The primary goal was to target a younger, and more focused demographic, to not only familiarize them with KFC’s new product launch, but to encourage user-generated-content and drive a strong ‘buzz’ online!

The concept was super simple! Who doesn’t like a midnight snack, right? Right! We had opened the KFC kitchens at midnight and the team got down to work preparing the perfect crispy, succulent ‘Original Recipe Wing’, ready to serve up in Lick R&B nightclub venue as a surprise gift to all their customer in the middle of the night!
The promotional team patiently awaited the arrival of the freshly cooked wings to surprise Lick’s guests, where the technical team was inside the venue ready to turn off the lights and to set off the fancy fireworks, the huge LED visuals, play the custom voice over and fanfair.. and of course, Team MOV at the ready to hit all digital platforms in real-time and as quickly as possible with our custom made content!

The campaign exceeded all expectations, where sales continued to go strong throughout the limited time period of the now famous, ‘Original Recipe Wings’. 







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