Max & Co

Vibrant and stylish! The MAX&Co. project is dedicated to the young woman within, searching for a personal dynamic style of curiosity and eclectic playfulness!

As part of the Max Mara Group, MAX&Co. is a premium retail brand rooted in the Italian prêt-à-porter tradition of material research with immense attention to detail and conscious way of being, where sartorial tradition is combined with creative experimentation of shapes, materials and colours! 

Beautifully designed, carefully made MAX&Co. offers a contemporary wardrobe of premium clothing and accessories that flatter the female figure, who demand to push the boundaries and bring.

As one of MOV Management’s longest standing Clients, we have been supporting their marketing efforts through the years, from custom crafted content, to digital activations through to invitation-only events!

Our efforts saw Team MOV awarded with a Hermes Creative Award in 2020 for our work done for our world renowned Client. We had successfully translated their contemporary wardrobe of premium clothing and accessories, to a visual story which continues to flatter and compliment their youthful philosophy, cut for powerful women. Our theme of women empowerment saw us produce a series of pieces under the philosophy of Mother Nature’s “four elements”, accentuating the evergreen designs and materials through the eyes of Team MOV.


We have been working with MOV for many years, where they have taken care of all our our brands here at Maxima Boutiques where we are more than happy with their professionalism and have shown blind trust to their team. They recently returned to with an International Award for the work they had done for us which we are especially proud of! A very creative and hard-working team! ​

Polly TymviouManaging Director – Maxima Boutiques



Max & Co




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