Elegant, classy and timeless!

MaxMara is part of the Max Mara Group, dedicated to glamorous, chic, empowered women who enjoy rediscovering a refined yet dynamic and practical look for their wardrobe. Renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship and luxurious fabrics, their sculptural tailoring, and neutral colour pallet, MaxMara produces beautiful and everlasting traditional pieces with a contemporary and modern twist.

Now a monolithic entity in high fashion, Max Mara is a revolutionary establishment that made luxury clothing more accessible to women through their continuous innovation, where they continue to refine and reinvent its minimalist and modern aesthetic that it calls the ‘tailoring cult’.

As one of MOV Management’s longest standing Clients, we have been supporting their marketing efforts through the years to assist in bolstering their brand awareness and their digital presence, custom videography and photography, to help their clientele continue to discover the beauty and attention to detail MaxMara stands for.


We have been working with MOV for many years, where they have taken care of all our our brands here at Maxima Boutiques where we are more than happy with their professionalism and have shown blind trust to their team. They recently returned to with an International Award for the work they had done for us which we are especially proud of! A very creative and hard-working team! ​

Polly TymviouManaging Director – Maxima Boutiques







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