Meridian Bet

Meridian Bet; a superstar company offering one of the best online gaming experiences in the EMEA region, and as luck would have it they knocked on our door!

With Meridian Bet’s offices stretching across the EMEA and Balkan region, the central offices here in Cyprus knew about MOV all too well and the magic they sprinkle over their Clients! They gladly handed over the streering wheel and let our team get to work with their PPC strategy, leaving nothing to luck! 

Our campaigns exceeded expectations, where we are giving you some handy numbers below to see yourselves.

  • In terms of Traffic Goals, we managed to generate over 38,500 amounts of clicks in a 973,000 amount of Reach.
  • The Volume was 3.5 with 3,467,105 amount of Impressions

Our primary goal was to draw as many new registrations to their platforms, to increase their daily intake and subscribers but to also be on their advisory in what the data is reading and what is the best direction for the Company to take to better nurture their clients. With a series of campaigns, optimized advertising and weekend offers, armed with deposit bonuses, our PPC wizards were off to mix their potions and put together the perfect storm! 

With our savvy data-analysts in-house, we handled MeridianBet’s advertising with mastery, sharpness, and expertise, tackled any technical problems that came our way, and utilizing all tools at hand we successfully met all our goals!

Gratefulness is what we feel having assisted such an amazing Company, and we cannot wait to see what luck throws our way in the future!



Meridian Bet