Nicosia Mall

In a short 6-month period, the Nicosia Mall had welcomed through its doors more than 3.7 million visitors with the average monthly traffic stable on increase month on month; here's how we helped make this journey, incredible.

Incredible Nicosia – Launch Campaign

A Gold Internationally Awarded piece, our primary target to this section of our Brief was to showcase the Capital city, but to have the population proud that there is a coming together for something new, something exciting and something to be especially proud of!     

A beautifully woven ribbonned journey through the City, swerving and flirting with the ancient Venecian walls and the City’s romantic nooks and crannies, coming together for what was anything less than ‘incredible’. 

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Directional Campaign:  

The challenge was very simple; make it easy for any driver and potential customer to locate the Nicosia Mall with ease! Our brief here at MOV Management was to breakdown the primary through journeys, and translate into an easy-to-understand set of videos to assist locals and tourists alike to find their way to this newest of shopping experiences.

Keeping within aesthetic was of uppermost priority, where we had ‘married’ our already successful piece from our launch campaign, where we were now faced with a series of issues, due to the complexity of compiling and translating information into a short time frame. 

Incredible Spring Campaign

Following the successfully Awarded pièce de résistance, we wanted to follow suit months after making our launch video public, however this time we had a beautifully polished new mall to add to our creative efforts. Keeping within aesthetics and with similar creative philosophy, our previous ribbons were now colored floating balls making their way through the corridors and stores of this shopping experience, with our primary goal to showcase the vast size and services available to our customers! 

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Pre-Campaign & Ad Hoc Campaigns:

A plethora of material and content was to be made to assist in the pre-campaign of the Capital’s newest shopping destination, but coinciding with the opening were also very important calendar dates such as Black Friday, and the Christmas/NYE fast approaching. A heavy bulk of material was needed to assist the digital team in dispersing and promoting in hard-to-reach digital corners to gather strong momentum online and to strengthen newfound platforms. Lively, punchy content was created to keep up with the consistency needed to execute and reach our KPI targets; and that we did! 



Nicosia Mall




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