Prive Sports

Loud colors, big brands and huge vision.. deserve a little bit of awesome in their lives!

And awesome is exactly what we delivered!

 The sports retail market sits in the middle of a fierce and competitive landscape, moving faster than the speed of sound where it was Team MOV’s job to put together a strategy and a plethora of localized content to keep up with the consumer’s purchasing behavior, and to separate from the competition! 

We were lucky enough to know that our Client had ‘future proofed’ their Company, understanding early on in their launch that today’s demanding customers have changed a lot of the years, and the Global pandemic helped speed that up! 

Having being recognized as the leading retailer of brand sports fashion apparel and footwear in the Country, the Prive Sports brand wanted a dynamic appeal and to forge deeper connections with its’ consumers through continual and healthy environment in their digital platforms and creative marketing, continually looking to further elevate their market position and to enhance the experience for their customers through constant nurturing of their online, and offline, journey. By understanding the consumers ‘shopping journey’, we were able to remarket and retarget accordingly with an array of different pieces of content which served a different purpose; some with a direct ‘hard sell’ and other pieces strengthening an awareness pillar to inform potential customers of Prive’s offerings. 

Constant and consistent execution of content to the right audience saw their sale catapult into the stratosphear! Their original business structure had seen growth in their physical stores, which continued to inject healthy investments in their digital experience where they had taken, retained, and dominated the digital space as leaders and trailblazers, in their own right. 

Their competitive advantage was however, the freedom to weave and intricate fabric utilizing both above, and below the line promotions, where no stone was left unturned. From traditional billboard, through to extensive data driven digital decisions, consistent content, incentives and promotions. 



Prive Sports




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