TEDx Limassol

The team and Founder of MOV Management were given the honor of presenting and showcasing all matters ‘new world order’, as per topic for TEDx.

With TEDx a Global powerbrand in itself, Team MOV had the privilege of speaking for the second year running, as well as having the opportunity to set up and showcase the weird and wonderful world of MOV. 

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The parallel event was also taken over by Team MOV, where we had the opportunity to present all our advanced AR/VR concepts; from award-winning educational AR tools, to new-age VR retail! We had the pleasure in presenting different marketing techniques which may take the lead in the very near future, where potential marketers will have the tools to immerse their audience and clients in a wonderful virtual world, overlaying valuable information and making their digital experience that little bit more special! 



TEDx Limassol