PRIME: The Billion-Dollar Shakeup

Buckle up Gen-Z wannabe; PRIME just strutted past the $1.2B mark in yearly revenue before you could say “show me the money” – and all this in the mere blink of 24 months.

Now, sure, when you’ve got the dynamic duo of YouTube titans Logan Paul and KSI, flaunting a cool 40 million followers combined, you might think it’s all smooth sailing. But folks, viral fame doesn’t just sprout from follower counts. Let’s dive into the secret sauce behind their meteoric rise.

The Pre-Game Show: Enemies Turned Frenemies

Before Logan and KSI decided to play nice, they were the internet’s favorite frenemies. Their epic banter saga culminated in a gloves-off, no-holds-barred boxing spectacle that had the world glued to their screens, munching popcorn as these two titans traded blows and barbs, all while raking in millions of eyeballs across social platforms. And just like any good show, it ended with a cliffhanger that screamed “To be continued…”

Cut to their joint venture launch, and the world went, “Wait, what? Oh…OHHH.” That’s right. From rivals to partners, they had us all eating out of the palm of their hands.

The Art of Going Viral Without Trying Too Hard

Forget splurging on ads. Logan and KSI turned the marketing playbook on its head with stunts that would make Houdini proud. Remember the time they got “attacked” by PRIME bottles at a Copenhagen event? Pure chaos. (And let’s not forget Logan’s WWE gig. Talk about foreshadowing!)

Or how about their Walmart escapade, disguised as PRIME reps, doling out samples and chaos in equal measure? Their YouTube channels exploded, and even the traditional media couldn’t help but jump on the bandwagon.

Creating a Cult: The Scarcity Play

Nothing screams “I need it now!” like telling someone they can’t have it. PRIME played hard to get, and boy, did we all fall for it. Schools turned into the stock market for PRIME bottles, with prices soaring to 400% above retail. By the time it hit shelves in the UK and Australia, it vanished faster than my willpower around chocolate cake.

Dressing for Success: Sponsorships That Seal the Deal

With their names already up in lights, PRIME wasn’t just playing the field; they were owning it. By roping in heavy hitters like Barcelona FC, Arsenal FC and the UFC, they didn’t just enter the chat; they dominated it, pitching their tent as the hip, healthier hydration haven for the next gen.

Sure, having a legion of followers gives you a head start. But Logan and KSI didn’t just ride the wave; they created a tsunami of savvy marketing moves that catapulted PRIME into the billion-dollar league in no time flat.

So there you have it. In the land of YouTube giants and beverage moguls, PRIME isn’t just playing the game; they’re rewriting the rulebook, one viral stunt at a time.



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