ReflectIon R&D : Dali

Known for exploring subconscious imagery, his discovery of Sigmund Freud became a turning point for modern day art as we know it. A forward thinker who has helped shape me as a designer, as an artist, and as a creative mind!

I had the opportunity to dig a little deeper into a topic which not only inspires me, but makes me unlock solutions, styles and methods of design. It is only through research and development that myself and my team-mates here at MOV can push the boundaries!

Salvador Dali

One of the biggest representatives of surrealism, known for his art and character. His artistic repertoire included paintings, graphic arts, films, sculptures, designs and photography, renowned from his first steps for his precise technical skills and craftmanship.

Influenced by the writings of Sigmund Freud, his work is mostly inspired by the unconscious mind, the free thinking and the extraordinary. The outstanding characteristic in his artwork is the uprising against logic and real.

“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.”Salvador Dali

Dose brand

After some R&D on Surrealism, and most particular on the artwork of Salvador Dali, I got inspired to design a brand, which is based on the extraordinary and the different. The design was a big challenge to me, a good work to match the contemporary elements of a new age Design with characteristics and ideas from the past century’s surrealistic artworks.

The logo is inspired by Dali’s “Persistence of Memory”; the clocks in the painting seems to melt, with which the artist wants to show that time has no matter like the power of mind to keep memories of the past.

I then moved ahead in creating my logo and brand design, based on my aesthetics with design in posters with clear surrealistic elements and a touch of modern design. I wanted to push myself even further, by taking my learnings to formulate designs for packaging, as well as t-shirts!

In conclusion, the most important thing I gained from the specific project is that I came to realize that it’s not that important what you see in an image, but what this image actually makes you feel. That’s the meaning of art for me.

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