Shift Happens: BVLGARI Edition

When the COVID-19 crisis hit in early 2020, the world was caught in a pretty significant cyclone of problems.

A new virus with little no knowledge of its potency, spreading like wildfire across major points in the world. By March 2020, Europe was becoming a hotspot for the virus, and chief among the areas impacted was Italy. However, as usually happens in moments of nation strife, experts from across various industries sprang into action!

brescia bvlgari

Chief among the need was an increased number of hand sanitizer gel solutions. Shortages worldwide were causing plenty of problems for people. And so stepped forward BVLGARI, one of the largest luxury brand manufacturers in all of Italy. Normally specialists in amazing jewellery and fragrances among other accessories, the company soon pivoted its services to working on hand sanitizer.

At their height, the company was producing as many as 6,000 bottles of sanitizer per day. In a time where we needed heroes to step up, Bvlgari stepped up MASSIVELY!

hand sanitizer

They started to distribute their products to various hospitals and health facilities across the country. They also began to work on various other humanitarian projects. For example, the company also donated some 160,000 bottles of medical-grade sanitizer to the United Kingdom, with the company realising this is not a virus that stops politely at the border.

National solidarity has been seen across the country, but international solidarity is just as important. With the National Health Service in the UK indebted to the fashion expert for their helpful donation, other health services also benefitted. Indeed, the company shifted not only to the creation of essential sanitizer, but they also invested heavily into new state-of-the-art 3D high-definition microscopes.

coronovirus bvlgari

Already, medical experts have been using these super-powered microscopes to look ever-closer at the COVID-19 virus. Not only has a massive fashion brand in Bvlgari helped to give Italians the protection they need to fight back against the virus, but they have also invested heavily in the kind of tools which will one day help us come out the other side of this deeply challenging part of history.

When humanity needs solidarity, we often find help in the most surprising of places. With a history of doing the right thing, though, nobody should be surprised that Bvlgari stepped up when Italians – and the world – needed them most.

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