This year’s Super Bowl, also referred to as the “Christmas for advertising”, was a star-studded affair, with the beautiful Rihanna taking to the stage for a half time performance which blew our mind!

A number of well-known celebrities including Ben Affleck, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Bryan Cranston, Will Ferrell, John Hamm, Elton John, Maya Rudolph, Amy Schumer, Alicia Silverstone, Sylvester Stallone, Ben Stiller, Miles Teller, Steve Martin, and Serena Williams appeared in multi-million dollar advertisements that aired during Super Bowl LVII.

We had combed through some of the gems at this year’s Super Bowl, and narrowed down to Ten of our favorite pieces!

Number 10: Workday Big Game Spot: Rock Star

Rock legends unite to reclaim the term “rock star” from corporate misuse. Paul Stanley, Ozzy Osbourne, Joan Jett, Billy Idol, and more remind us of their wild ways and prove they’re the real rock stars, not suited businessmen. They crash workplaces, confess to their misdeeds, and claim their throne as the ultimate rock stars.


A hilarious twist, and very expected when Diddy says “No to jingles” … until execs ask for a “hit”. Cue a star-studded lineup of Montell Jordan, Donna Lewis, Kelis, Ylvis, and Haddaway revamping their biggest hits with new promo lyrics. Diddy’s pumped, but the execs? Not so much.

Number 8: Dunkin’ ‘Drive-Thru’ Starring Ben

Picture this: you order donuts from a drive-thru and it’s actually Ben Affleck with a thick Boston accent. The customers’ reactions are hilarious, but the best is yet to come. J-Lo rolls up in a minivan, orders a glazed and leaves Affleck flustered in front of his Dunkin’ buds. A mix of scripted and unscripted magic, this cute ad is a hit!

Number 7: Why not an EV? | GM x Netflix

Get ready to see more electric vehicles from GM in Netflix movies and shows, thanks to a brand partnership. And they’ve got Will Ferrell on board to spread the word. The ad takes Ferrell on a tour through some of Netflix’s biggest hits, from Army Of The Dead to Squid Game, Bridgerton (yes, even regency romance), and Stranger Things. Ferrell may not have a Netflix project coming up, but after seeing him rock regency fashion for Bridgerton, we wouldn’t mind a period drama…minus the car.

Number 6: The Busch Guide: Cold + Smooth Survival Skills

Sarah McLachlan pops out of a tent in this ad to remind us of her famous charity pitch, proving that even celebs can laugh at themselves. The survival guide takes a sweet turn with “Angel” playing over images of wildlife, a nod to her long-running late-night charity appeals. A one-note joke, but a good one. We’re grateful to see a fun side of Sarah, since she’s made us shed enough tears.

Number 5: ULTRA Club | New Members Day

Serena Williams and Brian Cox channel their inner Chevy and Rodney in this hilarious Caddyshack homage. Packed with iconic quotes and cameos from the film’s stars, this ad crams a nostalgic golf comedy into just 60 seconds. Michael O’Keefe even makes an appearance, giving Serena some sage advice: “be the ball.” Sadly, the gopher’s nowhere to be seen – guess he demanded too much for his cameo.

Number 4: Pepsi Zero Sugar: “Great Acting Or Great Taste?”

Get ready to giggle with glee, Ben Stiller and Steve Martin are gracing the Super Bowl stage for the first time! First, they teased us with a duo act, but now each legend’s got a spotlight, showcasing their comedic chops. Watch Martin’s ad here and Stiller’s here, both are a hoot. Though, we secretly hope they reunite and bring back the side-by-side banter. Fingers crossed for a future collaboration!

Number 3:  PopCorners: “Breaking Good”

“Breaking Bad” was a hit a decade ago, but Walter and Jesse never really left us! They’ve been busy in “Better Call Saul,” and now they’re back to cash in on their chemistry. Cranston and Paul are getting older, but why stop now? The real surprise in this commercial? Tuco’s back and still “tight, tight, tight!” Thanks to Raymond Cruz, who’s killin’ it as Tuco.

Number 2:  Rakuten: “Not-so Clueless”

We’ll admit it—we’re suckers for a good nostalgic callback.
Alicia Silverstone is like a fine wine, only getting better with age. She’s back and better than ever, reprising her iconic role as Cher from the classic movie, Clueless. Her unique inflections and sass have aged perfectly, and we’re grateful to have her back. It’s not often that throwbacks work for commercials, but we can totally see Cher endorsing an online shopping marketplace. And let’s not forget about the legendary Christian Siriano, who brought the famous yellow plaid suit back to life. He’s the real MVP.

Number 1:  Tubi Interface Interruption

MOV’s favorite pick of for this year goes to a very similar stunt pulled off a few years back! Excellent execution, and has made us all wonder, “don’t you just hate it when you lose your remote?”
Tubi had us all feeling that way with their Super Bowl ad! It had us thinking we sat on the remote, but nope – it was just Tubi taking over our screens and reminding us of the endless options waiting for us on their streaming service. Tubi’s hilarious 2023 Super Bowl ad had us reaching for the remote, but the real remote was just to switch to Tubi!

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