Super Bowl Our Best 5+1, and then there’s Usher

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas-for-advertisers! That time of the season where the gurus behind the magic go bananas with their creativity, and pull in the heavy guns as we take a look at 5+1 of our favorite commercials from this year’s Super Bowl LVIII.

We’ve seen a nice shift this year, as advertisers have begun to figure out virality, and dishing out ‘teasers’ gain traction and much needed data to excuse the Super Bowl price tag (for the record – a reportedly cool 7-million-bucks for 30-seconds; chump change, right?)  

We have the Beckhams, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Arnold – we had laughs, we had stunts, and of course we had tear jerkers! 

Here are our 5+1 favorites! 

1. Dunkin Donuts

Title: Bennifer for Dunkin’

“How you like them doughnuts” was the kicker which did it for us! Ben Affleck has turned Dunkin’ into his own personal runway, strutting that franchise around with superstar swagger. For the Super Bowl spotlight, he’s rolled out the red carpet for a VIP crew: Tom Brady, Fat Joe, Jack Harlow, Matt Damon, and the scene-stealer herself, Jennifer J Lo Affleck. Who knew coffee runs could be this A-list?

2. Uber Eats

Title: Don’t forget Uber Eats 

David Beckham’s “Be honest!” moment with his wife, downplaying their riches, has catapulted into ad legend. Uber Eats snagged this gem, flipping it into a quirky ad that’s as hilarious as it is head-scratching as this spot might just be the MVP of ads in 2024, packing more stars than a clear night sky. It kicks off with Jennifer Aniston’s quirky wisdom about memory, rolling out a red carpet for celebs known more for their mishaps than their lines. From the Beckhams to Schwimmer, and Jelly Roll questioning his ink, it’s a parade of playful forgetfulness.
 A blend of humor, controversy, and star power, this ad’s got it all.

3. State Farm

Title: Like A Good Neighbaaa 

State Farm’s 2024 Super Bowl ad, ‘Like a Good Neighbaaa’, brings back Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito for a hilarious insurance pitch. Schwarzenegger channels his action-hero vibe, attempting heroics and the iconic “like a good neighbor” slogan. However, his accent turns “neighbor” into “neighbaaa”, leading to comical on-set frustrations and numerous takes. Despite Jake from State Farm’s attempts to coach him, Arnold’s mispronunciations lead to a script change. In the end, as Arnold gears up for the catchphrase, DeVito steps in, delivering the line perfectly, embodying the spirit of a good neighbor.

4. Dove 

Title: Hard Knocks 

It’s becoming their ‘sweet spot’ – and we’re hear for it! Keep going Dove! 
“Hard Knocks: A Dove Big Game Film,” strikes a chord with “It’s a Hard Knock Life,” showcasing young female athletes’ trials and resilience in sports. The real challenge, Dove highlights, isn’t the physical falls but the societal pressures that shake their body confidence, pushing 45% of girls out of sports by age 14. The ad shifts gears towards a call to action, rallying support for the Body Confident Sport Program to keep girls empowered in sports. Dove’s message is clear: unity and support can change the game for young female athletes. Join the movement and help keep their sports dreams alive.

5. Verizon 

Title: Can’t B Broken

The biggest question we had was, “How on earth did they convince her to do this commercial?” A mega star in her own right, Beyonce’s business savvy team did sneak in a hidden message for a new release leveraged on this funny commercial, which we know quite well – if she wanted folks, she would break the internet before you’ve had lunch! 
In a daring Verizon ad, Beyoncé goes all out to test the network’s limits, from running a Lemonade stand to dropping new tunes, gaming, and even launching an A.I. alter-ego named “BarBey.” She ramps it up with a presidential bid and a space gig, but Verizon stands unshaken, prompting her to confidently say, “You ain’t gonna break me.” The tease? “OK, they’re ready. Drop the new music.”

True to her word, Beyoncé hints at fresh country beats on her socials, dropping singles “Texas! Hold ’em” and “16 Carriages,” gearing up for “Renaissance: Part II,” set to thrill fans on March 29.

5+1  Hellman’s

Title: Mayo Cat

Hellmann’s ramps up its fight against food waste in a Super Bowl ad with a twist, bringing back Kate McKinnon, introducing Mayo Cat, and featuring Pete Davidson’s annual appearance. This year’s creative spin? Demonstrating how Hellmann’s mayo can transform Super Bowl leftovers into delectable new dishes. The ad spins a humorous tale of McKinnon discovering her cat’s “may-ow” advice, leading them to media fame and sparking a Hellmann’s buying frenzy—all while Mayo Cat basks in the limelight, even snagging a spot on People magazine with Davidson. The punchline, “Make Taste Not Waste,” wraps the message neatly, continuing Hellmann’s four-year crusade to link product promotion with reducing food waste.

We couldn’t leave you hanging without a look into the half-time show, could we? Millennials rejoice in all your lower-back pain!

Usher took to the stage for a trip down memory lane, backed by the talented Alicia Keys (we won’t say anything about that first note Alicia, we love you too much) the lyrical mastermind Ludacris, and of course the hype-man MC, and not-so-lyrically-savvy Lil Jon! Nothing less was expected, and maybe Usher could have kept his shirt on for a fella pushing late 40’s, but the fireworks, the big brass band and the choreography definitely got us moving in the morning for those of us over in Europe! 


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