The Ultimate Copywriting Guide: Amazon Edition

It’s Amazon’s unique and simple way of writing that makes an ordinary day change to an *add to cart* kind of day!

So with the help of Amazon and their tips on “How To Write Like An Amazonian”, we’ve crafted another copywriting guide, to help you enrich your communication and writing skills.

1. Data >> Adjectives

Stats boost trust. Numbers are eye-candy and more persuasive to the customer to make a decision. That’s why they always aim to speak facts first, make a statement and look credible. Being precise with numbers is their forte, and adjectives must always be converted to stats to gain the trust of their customers to buy their products.

2. Buzz words are a no-no for Bezos

Showing off, sounding like an expert, and going all-in with the technical words, the abbreviations and all that, will do nothing else, but repel the customers. Jargons and acronyms seclude non-experts and newcomers, so buzz words are not used at Amazon, and should not be used anywhere else either, unless they are explained beforehand.  

3. Subject-verb-object

If an Amazonian’s sentence doesn’t follow the specific order of subject-verb-object… they don’t want it. Clarity and concision are two of their rules. And with the attention span of the younger generation becoming shorter and shorter, anything that’s on point and saves time is best, and what’s best brings more sales. Simple steps, clear words, top-notch sales.

4. The shorter the better

It’s no secret that Amazonians despise clutter and filler words; no ‘I think’, ‘I feel’, and ‘I believe’. Fancy, complicated, and sophisticated words don’t work with Amazon. They say that adjectives are the banana-peel of a speech, so they don’t use them. They put things straight and cut the unnecessary words. Any information provided is plain and clear, to be understandable for the reader.

5. Who cares?

It’s all about the ‘so what’ the ‘who cares’ and the ‘whys’ and having value in everything you write. Why would anyone care? Are the readers learning anything from your copy or is it there to just take up space? If it doesn’t give them value, if there is no purpose behind every text and it’s just words thrown all over the place, it’s not useful and it won’t earn you the customers’ attention (and their money).

Even though Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is constantly trending for his achievements, money and space trips, his company’s unconventional and simplistic way of communication has been discussed widely. 

Jeff; we salute you sir!

We have noticed that big and successful companies prefer short, simple, and clear words when writing, rather than the fancy, complicated and advanced words. What are your thoughts about Amazon? 

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