The Ultimate Copywriting Guide: Apple Edition

Is it their magic keyboard, or the geniuses that work there?

The simple, yet punchy copy, that is crafted with such mastery, it can’t do anything else, but create top-notch sales for Apple.

From their landing pages to their product descriptions, they have created a brand which is trusted, and whose every word has a powerful purpose behind it.

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1. Complex is cool, but simple is better

Say hello to simplicity. Simple is best for scanners, and even better for readers. Big headlines are for important ideas, and sub-headings are to grab the scanners’ attention. No complex words, and humongous, complicated sentences. For effortless reading, these are Apple’s unofficial rules. This unconventional order of things makes the lives of the website visitors easier, and the sales of Apple inflated.

privacy is built in - Apple

2. A solution to a problem you never knew existed

It’s not a new feature. It’s a new problem… which is now *solved*. No contour and shadows on your photographs? No problem. The new iPhone model naturally enhances your skin tone – and now you want to buy it! They make it obvious that the new model is the finest, combating ALL issues that the previous models had – or didn’t have – thus upselling their products. It’s a constant race of evolution and upgrades of Apple products, and you always want to buy the best and newest.  

3. The Apple is in the details

Simplicity is their ‘motto’, but when they get complex, they get phenomenal. It basically means they want to show off – and they rightfully can. Providing you with extensive details and accurately describing every single component, they are exhibited as experts. And you trust them. Sometimes the technicalities are required, because let’s get serious, if you are investing in a Pro Display XDR, which starts from $4,999, you want to know *exactly* what you are getting.  

4. An ode to Apple

From clever, punchy words, to headlines that are remembered, Apple knows how to stay in the memory of every customer. With simple sound bites, alliterations, and words that rhyme, their method of composing copy is a creativity masterpiece that deserves our envy and admiration.

5. It’s the same, but different

How would Apple say something super complicated and technical, without boring the reader and keep them hooked on what they are saying? They just say the same thing but make it easy-peasy for everyone to understand.

6. Prove solved problems

Anticipate it, address it, solve it. That’s Apple’s technique. They listen to their customers, fix the problems, and reassure them that buying their product is the best choice they will make. They diminish every excuse to not buy their product, by providing them with solid, assertive statements to show confidence into buying it.

7. Add a little bit of… sass

There’s a never-ending feud between iPhone and Android users, where the supporters of each party are devoted to their product, and absolute. And Apple knows that. And use that to their benefit. With their cheeky come backs, showcasing how Apple is so effortlessly better, and switching to an iPhone is as easy as ABC, they don’t use many words. In fact, they use just one word to compare, such as ‘safer’. Clear, to the point, and tempting to the Android users.

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