Top 10 Ads 2020

Our selection of Top 10 Best Ads, Commercials and Campaigns for the year of 2020!  

In a world where we were forced to be adaptive, to be bold and to be compassionate, the year which will forever go down in history fortuned the brave! 

Here are our picks: 

Number 1:
Brand: Nike
Name: You Can’t Stop Us
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland 
‘Perfection’ comes to mind when seeing the production value to, yet another, gem from Nike. Meticulously crafted using a split-screen motif to highlight both the contrasts and the shared experience that marked a year of lockdown, cancellations, solidarity and endurance.
“Developed through research of more than 4,000 pieces of footage, the resulting montage underscores commonalities shared by athletes around the world.”Everything to Know About Nike’s “You Can’t Stop Us” Film
A hair-raising script read by Megan Rapinoe, the spot is a celebration of sport as a source of inspiration, passion and the get-up-and-go attitude the Global community desperately need(ed) for this year’s turbulence.

Number 2:
Brand: Burger King
Name: Stevenage Challenge
Agency: DAVID Miami & Madrid 

Brands pay millions to get soccer’s biggest players to endorse them. But Burger King realized that they didn’t need to do that. A year ago, they found Stevenage F.C.  — a team at the bottom of English football’s lowest league — became their sponsors. Because they knew that if their logo was on their jerseys, their logo was going to appear in the biggest soccer videogame in the world: FIFA 20.

Alongside DAVID Miami and Madrid, Burger King launched the Stevenage Challenge, where they invited gamers to sign the best players to the Stevenage team, score goals with them, and win free food from BK. Not only did they receive tens of thousands of UCG content with Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar wearing the Burger King logo (without having to pay them a penny), they turned a small team in real life into the biggest team online.

Number 3:
Brand: Dodo Pizza
Name: Open Source Pizza  
Agency: BBDO Moscow

Dodo Pizza is where technology meets pizza delivery. It’s a digital-first pizza company and one of the fastest growing food franchises in Russia. To extend the franchise abroad we created the AI pizza. AI found the perfect combination of ingredients based on an analysis of 300,000 recipes and scientific papers on food. We shared the recipe with the world and got 400M impressions without budget. 70 franchises purchases followed the campaign, while requests keep growing.
Number 4:
: Travis Scott x Fortnite
Name: Astronomical
Agency: n/a

The music industry has undoubtedly changed dramatically over the past few years, and 2020 was no different! 

With the industry hit very hard due to the cancelation of concert and live performances, you need to stop and appreciate the genius behind the ‘Astronomical’ campaign with Travis Scott organizing a Live virtual concert via the smash hit game Fortnite! 

Whilst most companies were struggling through 2020, gaming was one sector that experienced growth like never before, with the ‘holy grail’ of the advertising world posing the question on “how to reach gamers, beyond Twitch”! Packed with audiovisual effects, Travis Scott “took to the stage” to perform for over 28 million Fortnite users; let that sink in for second. Better still, for comparison The London Olympic Games’ Opening Ceremony had 22.2 million! Mind blown yet?   
Number 5:
Brand: Burger King
Name: Order From McDonald’s
Agency: Buzzman
We can guarantee you that we’ve been drooling at the mouth with Burger King’s campaigns this year; boy-oh-boy have they done some awesome work!

Created by Paris-based Buzzman, this is a homerun example of modern copywriting at its’ finest! BK’s operations in France and in the U.K. showed that they were ‘willing’ to set aside their rivalry in the name of keeping restaurant workers employed amid a renewed round of lockdowns and restrictions.


Order From Mc Donalds
Number 6:
Brand: Ocean Spray
Name: 420doggface208
Agency: n/a

It’s times like these where we thank the internet! When an ‘innocent’ video catches like wildfire and goes viral! A social media phenomenon isn’t a phrase you use lightly, but the title certainly applies to the unexpected situation Ocean Spray found itself in September of 2020. TikTok user Nathan Apodaca posted a video of himself casually riding a longboard down a hill sipping on Ocean Spray which made the world fall in love; was it its’ innocence? was it the simplicity? or maybe the antithesis from aka 420doggface208! Whatever the bug, we caught it too and couldn’t be happier to see that this simple video has turned Nathan’s life around, and made a pretty penny whilst doing it too! Everybody loves a happy ending! 

Here is a compilation of the outtakes – from the CEO of Ocean Spray, through to some funny parody takes:
Number 7:
Brand: Diesel
Name: Ha(u)te Couture
Agency: Publicis Italy
Ha(u)te Couture was DIESEL’s way of dealing with online hate and critics. We started by turning the worst hate comments the brand received into the global FW collection. Then launched it with the most controversial celebrities and influencers around the world, who personalized their own limited edition items. Finally, the collection became fully customizable so anyone could use the hate messages they received to create any unique item, online and in store.
Number 8:
Brand: Mercedes Benz 
Name: Bertha Benz 
Agency: Antoni 

Bertha Benz, the wife and business partner of Mercedes-Benz founder Carl Benz, was an automotive pioneer, and a campaign by the automaker honors her memory on International Women’s Day. The film was directed by Sebastian Strasser and is a masterclass in craftsmanship across the board; from the storyline, custom and set design, right through to audio engineering.

The film tells of the day Bertha Benz drove from Mannheim to Pforzheim, Germany in 1888. Early one morning, Bertha took her two sons out for the 12-hour, 106-km / 65-mile trip. She understood the potential of her husband’s invention and was determined to prove it worked at a time when people were skeptical of this new technology. 
Number 9:
Brand: Doritos
Name: The Cool Ranch 
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners 
Seems like a lifetime ago when Lil Nas had taken the charts by storm! A classic Super Bowl formula for success, where Goodby Silversteins also let fans recreate the physically impossible dance moves themselves! 
Number 10:
Brand: Wendy’s
Name: Super Wendy’s World
Agency: VMLY&R Kansas City 

Wendy’s has become quite the superstar over the past few years! From zero to hero to the-biggest-troll-on-twitter; borderline rude, sassy, grilling her competitors to charcoal! 

Each week Wendy created ‘herself’ as a playable character, and then broadcast her mission on different platforms destroying anything ‘frozen’! For those readers living under a rock, Wendy’s is notorious for their fresh beef patties!  

From Animal Crossing, to Street fighter to Fortnite, Wendy’s didn’t just play.. she created an ecosystem of her own and brought her A-Game with over 9.8 million minutes watched throughout VMLY&R’s campaign! 
Take a bow!  
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