Top 10 Christmas Commercials 2022

We’re getting you in the Christmas mood everybody! And no, we’re not talking about the carols, or the roasted chestnuts; it’s one of the more exciting times for advertisers across the world, as they release their TV commercials for the year!

Any TV commercial season for us is super special here at MOV, where we have had fun selecting some of this year’s gems and definitely worth the watch!

Curious to find out what our top 10 picks are? Check them out below.

1. John Lewis: The Beginner by Adam & Eve/DDB

Themain figure ofthisad is a middle-aged man who is trying to learn how to skate. Why is he doing that though? There is a deeper meaning in that. The man and his wife will be fostering a young girl over Christmas and since she loves skateboarding, he does this tobond with her.

In the end, the advert highlightsthe fact that 108,000 children within the UK currently reside within the care systemand that John Lewis supports young people from care.

2. McDonald’s: The List by Leo Burnett

McDonald’s advert this year is trying to emphasize the ‘little things’! A young boy is preparing a rather big Christmas list, which eventually blows away in the wind as he walks through the streets. To comfort him, his mum of course takes him to Mc Donald’s. Then, the boy shows his mum the only piece left of the Christmas list which is a picture of a happy family. The idea is that all you need for Christmas is your family. Pretty sweet right?!

3. Asda: Have your Elf a Merry Christmas by Havas London

In Asda’s Christmas ad this year, the character Buddy from the Christmas film Elf visits the store and sees an announcement that they are recruiting Christmas colleagues. He spends the night at Asda, sampling food and making new friends which are in fact Asda’s delivery drivers. In the end, he decorates the store which is the reason he eventually gets the job. We believe they did an awesome job here; if you watch the video you’ll understand!

4. Sainsbury’s: Once Upon a Pud by Wieden+Kennedy London

If you are a food lover like us, then you will certainly love Sainsbury’s ad!

The ad shows Alison Hammond in the role of a countess in a castle, where she is having a feast with many other people. All the chefs prepare something for her to taste, but one of them is disappointed when the countess doesn’t like his Christmas pudding. He then tries to impress her for a second time, where he succeeds by making a caramelized biscuit Christmas pudding.

5. Cadbury: Secret Santa by VCCP

Cadbury encourages people to send a free chocolate bar to their friends or loved ones in secret. What better way to give the true meaning of Christmas than by uniting people together? The Secret Santa posters are being displayed all over the country for six weeks until Christmas Eve.

6. Boots: Joy for all by VMLY&R

Boots’ advert this year is a short film that is featuring Lydia West where she is in a bus and finds a pair of glasses in her seat. Everything changes when she wears them, and she is able to see the true desires of people. On Christmas day, she is excited when her loved ones open their presents from Boots. Finally, Santa takes back the glasses since it is revealed that they belong to him.

7. Waitrose: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas by Adam & Eve/DDB

Waitrose’s advert shows the whole preparation of the meals that come to our tables. It shows the wintery conditions that farmers have to work in. What happens in the end? A family is gathered around the Christmas table celebrating with different kinds of food. This year’s advert wants to highlight the care and commitment Waitrose offers to their customers.

8. Amazon: Joy Is Made by Lucky Generals

Nobody loves a festive snow globe as much as the kid in this short film! She carries it with her everywhere, to school and even to the dentist. Her father realises her obsession and decides to create a festive scene with snow in their garden, and the girl is impressed. The meaning of the ad is about the relationship between father and daughter, and about the gifts we all make to each other.

9. Lidl: Lidl Bear by Accenture Song

A dad shrinks his Lidl jumper in the wash and his daughter then puts the jumper on her teddy bear. Soon the teddy bear becomes the face of Lidl, with people taking photos of it. The girl misses her toy, but on Christmas, together with the festive table, the teddy bear returns since he understands what really matters at Christmas.

10. Coca Cola: Christmas Always Finds Its Way 

Coca Cola aims to show that the festive season brings people together. That’s why they created three short films with stories of human connection.

The first one, “Alma”, is about people in a town in Mexico where people don’t feel the magic of Christmas until an event happens that changes the situation.

The second one “Christmas Bites”, is about a vampire that meets his girlfriend’s parents but also his long-time rival Santa.

The third one, “Les Petits Mondes De Noël”, is about two lovers working in neighbouring stores in Paris, where their connection becomes stronger when they create their decorative holiday window displays.

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