Top 5 Christmas Commercials 2023

Get ready to unwrap the magic! As the festive season approaches, we dive into the enchanting world of 2023’s most captivating Christmas ads. From tear-jerking moments to heartwarming surprises, each ad brings its unique flair, spreading joy and warmth in these festive times.


Νούμερο 1

Company: Amazon
Title: Joy Ride
Marketing Agency: Amazon’s internal Creative team

Amazon’s 2023 Christmas ad, “Joy Ride,” is an emotional rollercoaster. Three friends on a sledding hill receive a thoughtful gift, turning their observation spot into a thrilling adventure. Sled down the hill with them as childhood memories come alive, making Amazon’s campaign an undeniable tearjerker.

Νούμερο 2

Company: Asda
Title: Make this Christmas Incredibublé
Marketing Agency: Havas London

Michael Bublé takes the spotlight in Asda’s 2023 campaign as the “Asda chief quality inspector.” His infectious enthusiasm, coupled with a musical treat featuring Bing Crosby’s “Winter Wonderland,” creates a festive symphony that resonates with the spirit of Christmas.


Νούμερο 3

Company: Coca Cola
Title: The World Needs More Santas
Marketing Agency: Unknown

Coca-Cola’s 2023 Christmas campaign is a standout, exploring the essence of being a “Santa.” From a fictional town to the real world, the video takes us on a journey into the spirit of generosity, delivering a memorable ode to the season.


Νούμερο 4

Company: Boots
Title: Give Joy
Marketing Agency: The Pharm

Boots’ “Give Joy” commercial sparks a heartwarming journey, with a little girl’s question leading the way. Sharing small presents with people they meet, the mother-daughter duo brings joy to others. Despite a hiccup when gifts run out, Boots delivers a brilliant ode to Christmas magic and the joy of giving.


Νούμερο 5

Company: Sainsbury’s
Title: Big Fella’s Christmas Dinner
Marketing Agency: New Commercial Arts

Sainsbury’s 2023 Christmas campaign features a curious girl’s question about Santa’s Christmas meals. Responses flood in over the supermarket’s microphone, adding humor when Rick Astley chimes in with a playful scolding. Sainsbury’s brief, humorous cameo showcases people helping each other and tantalizes viewers with delicious Christmas food.

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