Wendy’s: The Sassiest of Them All!

Wendy’s… the sassiest of them all! She can start ‘beef’ (pun definitely intended) with everyone and anyone, out of nowhere, and there is nothing holding her back.

Come at her, and you will definitely regret it.

Now that big and small corporate companies are on TikTok, joking around, filming videos, and replying to comments, let’s not forget who did it first and gave a ‘human’ character to their brand – and wowzers, what a sassy specimen she is!

Wendy’s marketing team know the power social media can hold and started using it to their benefit from early on. That’s why they have been crowned as having one of the most successful Twitter accounts! But what makes every social media nerd fascinated, is how they achieved it. They were the first who put a face on the brand, making her that sassy, red-haired girl with freckles, who unlike any other corporate brands, she replies to your tweets and is ready to come back at you.

So, let’s have a look on 3 notable moments Wendy’s made history in the world of twitter with her cheeky little tweets.


Back in 2017, Wendy’s shined bright with just a single reply when a user just asked whether the beef used is truly ‘fresh, never frozen’. You can have a look below on how things escalated…


Another time was when a random dude tweeted asking Wendy’s how many retweets are needed for a year of free chicken nuggets. Needless his tweet is currently the 3rd most retweeted tweet of all time! (… and even though he did not hit the 18M target Wendy’s tasked him with, he still got a year of free chicken nuggets)


It’s an infinite loop of getting immersed into a world of wonderfulness. You watch one of Disney’s amazing films, relate, and become part of it so much that you want to experience it. Thus, kids go to Disneyland for the real-life experience, the parents for nostalgia, and on their way out they buy a souvenir or a toy to remember this feeling they had (amazing right?)

We know that Wendy’s is a superstar when it comes to the people handling her Twitter account! Do you know any other brands that handle their social media as amazingly as Wendy’s? Let us know!

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